The A90 MOTOR-DRIVEN COMPRESSOR is an easy to carry around wheeled compressor with a small tank.

A powerful piston provides the blasting unit with compressed air at a regular rate of 455 l/min so as to hold the blasting material output pressure steady; in this way the blaster operates at maximum efficiency at all times without any pressure reload pauses.

Just 30 seconds after the motor-driven compressor is started, the pressure goes from 0 to 10 bar. Consequently, the flow does not contain oil or moisture.
That lack of oil and moisture is a key factor in particular when working with sodium bicarbonate because if oil or moisture got mixed with the blasting material, the system could get easily clogged and work would have to be stopped to clean all valves and nozzles.

Noise level: 75 dbA
Air flow rate: INPUT 670 l/min - OUTPUT 500 /min
Max pressure: 10 bar
Engine power: 6.62 kW / 9 HP / unleaded petrol
Fuel consumption: 1.7 litres/hour – 1000 rpm
Air tank capacity: 17 + 17 litres
Weight / Dimensions: 108 Kgs – Length: 1070; Width: 770; Height: 890 mm
The A 90 engine compressor features couplings suitable for connection with the IBIX 9 System in terms of both size and airflow.


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