IBIX Protection Helmet

IBIX protective helmet for medium-sized sandblasting

The respirator works by means of a slight overpressure resulting from a filtered air-flow. The air is sucked in, purified through the filters by means of a control unit, and sent through the tube inside the helmet. The continuous air-flow prevents fogging and eliminates any respiratory effort, offering protection and comfort to the operator. Filter unit and battery are mounted on the belt.



The electric respirator consists of a helmet with stationary visor and integrated flow indicator, - 1 control unit, - 1 lithium battery, - 1 battery charger, - 2 filters, - 1 belt, - 1 breathing tube, - 1 electric cable.





CLASSIFICATION EN 12941: 98 + A1: 03 + A2: 08: TH3 PR SLCLASSIFICATION EN 12941: 98 + A1: 03 + A2: 08: TH3 PR COMPLIANCE WITH EU REGULATION 2016/425 MAX AT 20 ° C-60% RH *: 220 l / min MIN FLOW AT 20 ° C-60% RH: 200 l / min COMPLETE RESPIRATOR WEIGHT: 2.8 kg NOISE LEVEL: 73 dBa POWER SUPPLY: 7.4 V BATTERY TYPE: Li-Ion CHARGING TIME: 11 AUTONOMY:> 8 h AVAILABLE SIZES: Adjustable IP RATING: 65

The respirator of the IBIX safety helmet is one of the most silent models and guarantees complete protection against dust and autonomy greater than 8 hours of work. The 180 ° visibility stationary visor is designed to guarantee complete safety of workers in industrial environments. The breathing tube with quick coupling fittings guarantees perfect connection to the helmet and to the control unit. Furthermore, the spiral tube enclosed between two smooth sides was made of easily decontaminable material.





PROTECTION: The electric respirator fitted with helmet is the only assisted ventilation device capable of protecting head, face, eyes, ears and respiratory tract from dust and gas.

COMFORT: Even for the less experienced user, the device allows an easy and immediate use. Its lightness and simplicity allow a high level of comfort during work operations.

DURABILITY: The various components coming from excellent and carefully selected raw materials guarantee an average life of over ten years



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