Metallurgy, plastic moulding, models

Special treatments of metal pieces (moulds, models, precision engineering), piece dressing-off, preparation or finishing of metal units or pieces, etc. Superficial cleaning and trimming of plastic pieces, removal of dirt, calamine, burr, paint, glue, etc. The IBIX system is slightly aggressive so as to carry out smoothing and silking operations on plastic parts. Superficial cleaning without altering pieces: moulds, engine components, printing rollers, removal of traces due to heating or blueing after thermal treatment, cleaning of welds.

Dressing-off and preparation of surfaces: Thin and fragile metal pieces, preparation before metallised finishes or varnishing.
Superficial finish: removal of machining marks, anti-reflex treatment, polishing or silking finish.
Cleaning of steel extrusion heads, male and female part of a die, pieces exposed to really high pressures.
Cleaning of extrusion screws that push the material into the extrusion die.
Cleaning of stainless steel injection heads used for injecting PVC.
Cleaning of steel moulds used for manufacturing rubber soles. Removal of stains caused by oxidation which forms while moulds are stored.
Daily cleaning of moulds, removal of vulcanised rubber deposits and coats of the product used to facilitate shakeout.


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