Ironworks, industrial varnishing

The IBIX Eco blaster is the prefect portable, easy-to-use equipment for blasting operations aimed at removing burrs, cleaning welds, removing calamine, spot blasting, preparing steel, aluminium and stainless steel surfaces before applying varnish or a coating, recovery of rejected painted artefacts, etc.

Using IBIX ART, inert material specific for air abrasion featuring micrometric adjustment of the flow delivered through the small, ergonomic IBIX spray gun, facilitates blasting with no dispersion of dust into the environment, and the final result is a controlled profile according to the specific finishing needs.

The IBIX portable Eco-blaster used with sodium bicarbonate allows removing contaminants or coatings and does not leave a rough texture- surfaces are perfectly polished if you use the IBIX wet method.


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