Paint stripping of wood

The IBIX Eco-blaster that uses a dry process and IBIX ART eco-friendly fine-grained inert materials is especially useful for the laborious task of paint stripping door & window frames, shutters and blinds to be repainted.

There is no need to use polluting chemical paint removers that pose risks to the operator's health and safety.

When treating door & window frames made of softwood (fir tree and pine), the IBIX Eco-blaster facilitates paint stripping and wood conservation; it also removes thick paint coatings from frames but does not damage wood fibres.

This is achieved by means of the adjustable air/blasting media flow and a spraying gun with direct flow or helical vortex nozzle. Those who operate this blaster will be able to complete the wood pre-treatment process fast, aided by the tools normally used for final 'sanding'.

The IBIX Eco-blaster offers a definite solution for paint stripping soft or medium-dense hard wood as it does not cause the unwanted 'spiky hair' effect. It is especially useful to remove the paint of wooden cabins and to prepare wood before primers and protective coatings are applied.


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