Hull cleaning, removal of anti-moulding paint

Hull cleaning is a regular maintenance operation carried out annually in order to guarantee and keep the external surface of the underwater body perfectly smooth. This also minimises hull/water adherence during sailing.

IBIX has developed an extremely versatile system for cleaning and preparing surfaces in full compliance with the requirements of rational use of the workforce, and with the safety at work regulations and environmental protection standards.

The IBIX® method uses an eco-friendly and selective blasting system in which both the operation parameters, the pressure (from 0.2 to 8 bar), and the blasting media/air mixture can be adequately adjusted to suit the kind of job to be done. It also uses inert materials of different grain sizes and is 100% environmentally friendly, which makes it fully compliant with the ISO 14000 standard.

The IBIX® System perfectly suits any nautical application. This highly versatile, easy-to-use cleaning system can be operated by just one worker. Its performance cannot be matched when it comes to remove anti-moulding paint from fibreglass, wood or metal hulls. So the hours of works required are inevitably reduced and productivity at the yard increases.

The IBIX® system is extremely fast and effective even in those areas covered with thick and hard-to-remove layers of anti-moulding paint, for example, fin plates, keel, etc.
Due to its sub-angular morphology, IBIXART Natural Mineral is the perfect blasting media to use when the substrate should not be aggressively abraded.

When pressure sprayed, IBIXART Natural Mineral accurately and quickly 'brushes off' several layers of anti-moulding paint and barnacles but does not damage the gel coat. Surfaces can be revarnished right after without the need of any further operations.


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